Saturday, November 14, 2009

Which is considered more dangerous: tigers, lions, or bears?

I'm thinking the bear is less dangerous than the other two, but what do you think?

Which is considered more dangerous: tigers, lions, or bears?
Tigers are the most dangerous for people because they live in ares where people are living. Evan if they are not hungry they still kill someone.

Lions are also very dangerous but very seldom they come to villages. If they are full they will attack only to protect their territory.

Bears are attacking only to protect the babies, not necessary to eat humans.
Reply:Depends... what do you smell like? Lion food? Tiger food? or bear food? Hahahaaa!
Reply:I think Tigers would be the most dangerous... -whereas Lions tend to be more scavengers, and Bears- opportunists. Still, I wouldn't want to get into a fist-fight with any of them, -would You??! :)
Reply:Polar bears.
Reply:I recently saw a program that said tigers were the most dangerous.
Reply:definitely depends though but i think its tigers
Reply:Most bears are omnivorous, meaning they will eat just about anything, including meat, berries, leaves, roots, garbage, etc. However, the Polar Bear is a true carnivour and is huge. Its arsenal of weapons are very lethal giving the tremendous strength that is behind them. However, the Lion and Tiger's arsenal are much more deadly, razor sharp claws, very strong (although not as strong as the Polar Bear), and its sharp feline teeth, made for grasping and tearing. A bear's teeth are more canine.

Although, all of these animals are lethal to humans in a one-on-one encounter in an enclosed area, I think that death would come a lot faster and relatively less painfully at the hands of a lion or tiger, than at the hand of a bear.

In the wild, due to their proximity to humans, and the lack of natural prey, as well as there continually diminishing habitat, the tiger is the most dangerous.
Reply:Depends on the size, age, and experience....they can all make you dead very quick.
Reply:tigers are most dangerous...then lions....then bears....
Reply:Tigers are the most dangerous (to humans).

Bears generally don't go around hunting animals that are as large as a human. Tigers and Lions, on the other hand, hunt animals which are bigger than humans. Between the two, tigers are more dangerous. Lions are lazy, especially the males. They would much rather let someone else do the hunting and then waltz in and steal the carcass. Tigers are more energetic and actually seem to enjoy the chase.

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